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"Zero to 60" You are a drummer

By Smiling Drum Studio

MON MAY 27, 2019

You can go from “zero” experience to becoming a drummer in “60” minutes! Believe it! Drumming is very accessible.

You can learn how to make a few sounds on a hand drum (in about10 minutes) and from there you are ready to use them in a musical rhythm.

Hand drumming pieces are made up of overlapping rhythms. When teaching a piece I demonstrate 3 separate rhythms with a call and response style of teaching. Teacher plays the rhythm and the students repeat it back to the teacher. Once the 3 rhythms have been shared then the rhythms are divided among the people in a group. One rhythm starts playing and continues as the other two rhythms get added in over the first rhythm. When all 3 rhythms are playing together the piece comes alive!

Boom - you are a drummer!

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